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Palo Santo

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Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolensis historically used to help treat pain, inflammation, stress, and as a way to cleanse energy. This soy candle is our interpretation of the Palo Santo bark and the sweet scent it expels while using it.


Topped with: Bark of Palo Santo


Smells Like: Cedar + Musk + Geranium + Rose + Jasmine 


Scent Level: Soft & Subtle


Hand Poured Candle

Typical Burn Hours: 36

8 oz glass jar

♻ Please recycle/repurpose your candle jar


Our soy candles are a great addition to your daily meditation sessions, late night bath soaking, or even just to add a sweet aroma in a small room


Candle Care 

Trim your candle wick 1/4 inch before lighting after the first burn.

Always keep your candle in a well ventilated space.

Never leave the candle unattended as this may cause a fire hazard. Never burn your candle near anything that may catch on fire.

To extinguish your candle flame, either place the jar lid back on top of the candle jar to reduce the oxygen or use a candle snuffer.

The wax and candle jar will be hot, do not touch until completely cooled down.

Keep out of reach from children and pets.